10 {real} signs you’re from the bay

You grew up/live in the bay as a millennial. Here are a few things no one will get but you.

The cloud: you hear about it, you store your things in it, you think you’ve got it all figured it out—that is, what it is and how to work it—until technology fails you and you lose important valuables, which is when you finally realize that you actually don’t have a damn clue what the cloud is and how to navigate it.

The 4.0 and perfect SAT score: these terms are meaningless to you as a measurement of high achievement because everyone here is smart.

The music: you know you have it good. E-40, Andre, Mac Dre. Green Day, the Grateful Dead. Kehlani. I could go on.

The city: is less about the bridge than it is about everything else that makes San Francisco great. The city is Mission Dolores Park, Haight & Ashbury, the Castro, the Marina, and AT&T Park.

The ball game: even Dodgers fans acknowledge how great AT&T Park is. So yeah go Giants. Also, the Caltrain—you take it for fun in a big group and you get rowdy because there’s nothing like a cart full of you and your best mates having yourselves a time on the way to the game.

The windmills: you look forward to Outside Lands every year and if you’re anything like me you have a countdown and reminder for when tickets go on sale. OSL is to us as Disneyland is to the rest of the world.

The amphitheater: you have a love/hate relationship with sloppy Shoreline.

The girl’s look: you may or may not have gone through a phase when you wore rolled down Uggs, Lulus, and a North Face fleece.

The cars: Smart in the city; Tesla on the town.

The freeway: you take 280 by choice. And sometimes just for the view.

– mkh

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