In my feelings {on affirmation}

I am writing this after watching the Bryant televised public memorial service. I cried, yet again. 

There has been a lot of death recently. All of different nature. We have lost many young legends, some old guys too. But the kids are what get me the most–all fresh faced and with so much potential. Gone.

It’s sad that the universe doesn’t discriminate. It’s tragic that the families of those young souls with dreams and aspirations have to wake up every day and carry out this life without their kin. My heart is with them in this time of grief–and I’m not just saying that. May they rest in eternal peace.

As outsiders, sometimes we feel like all we can do is watch with sorrow and dwell on the ‘why.’ But I think these moments happen to remind us that life is so ephemeral. That we are not entitled to this life, but rather, entrusted with it to do something great. 

We all have different goals, talents, tastes and ambitions. This is why the world works. As a consequence we each define success in different ways. Yet we are all striving for it–whatever ‘it’ is to us. It sounds cheesy; it very well might be. But it’s undeniably true. 

I used to think a lot of things were cheesy, affirmations being one of them. I thought that in order to be great at something you just needed to put the work in, get back up when you fell down, be somewhat talented or naturally inclined, and also be willing to eat, breathe, sleep and repeat until you made it. I thought you needed to be strong and never be soft.

But with an agenda like that it’s easy to burn out. You won’t have much fuel left if you just keep pushing forward and brushing your feelings aside. Practice is just as much a mental exercise as a physical one. And in order to become successful, you have to be a master at both.

I am on a mission to make affirmations cool again. Say it til you believe it, baby! It can be strange in the beginning, definitely–you’ll laugh at yourself a little and feel uncomfortable saying that you are worthy of being great. This is because we are trained to act humble, stay quiet, do our jobs and not be loud. But sometimes being too polite can bite you in the ass. It is actually quite dangerous to repeatedly put your voice on the back burner just to people please. You become your own adversary and the biggest obstacle to your success.

Believe in your own potential. Affirm it. Practice saying it every day with an open heart and an open mind. We are all entitled to feel worthy but we must work towards greatness and success with our actions and our affirmations. A lot of the time it is on us to be the biggest and loudest cheerleader in the room. Maybe the only one. People have their own things to go about doing and we can’t expect them to be on the sidelines for us at all times.

Affirmation is not ego. It’s work ethic, love, trust, belief and self-recognition. And it’s damn cool what can happen when we stop making excuses for ourselves and start affirming.

— mkh