Let’s talk about stress

Not sex; but stress. I feel like we don’t talk about it enough. And the Bay Area native is definitely no stranger to stress. So let’s discuss. 

  • The start of a new job is stressful {mad respect for all my friends at the office right now}
  • The beginning of a school year triggers many emotions {syllabus week: fun but overwhelming}
  • The end of any quarter is anxiety-inducing {did we meet our numbers; why or why not} 

But also– 

  • A change in direction might make you fret {is this even the move}
  • Little or no sense of direction can keep you up at night {what am I doing in life; what’s next}
  • The time lapse between creation & release can make you second-guess {what if it’s a bust}
  • Shooting for the hoop will surely have you on your toes {will this go in}
  • Even mother nature can kill a vibe {will I make it through the day}

Whatever your worry is, it’s valid. We live in a time and place where everyone and everything is on the go. So much happening and so many expectations to exceed. Everyone looks like they have their shit together. Even when we think we’re good at what we do there is always the fear that someone else is doing it better somewhere else. Today’s markets are oversaturated with content and products; competition for a little slice of the cake is fierce. There are really no days off. Not here, not in The Bay. 

How do we deal? 

We party. Go to the gym. Journal. Doodle. Sing. Dance. Stretch. Meditate. We also medicate. Doubt ourselves. Grow angry, frustrated. Stress. Overwork. Burn out. 

And rarely do we talk about it. There is a stigma around sharing: being open, vulnerable, and transparent just isn’t mainstream yet. Personally I don’t get it. Why are we so ashamed of being human? What makes us hold back? Why can’t we embrace each other for the stressed out crazy ass beings we are? 

My insomnia in college was sudden, severe, and seemingly incurable. I dealt with it mostly by sharing. Talking about it. Letting the freaky things in my life run free. A month into summer after graduation I was knocking out for eleven hours a night. My creative juices were flowing again. I wrote twenty songs–tracks coming from a place of openness, vulnerability, and transparency {I will share them soon. I promise}. 

It’s nice to finally solidify music as my creative outlet for all kinds of stress. This realization was by no means an overnight discovery though. It took a lot of trial and error. A bunch of sharing. A ton of reflection. And more sharing, discussing, and being open to suggestions. 

The bottom line is, stress is universal. Don’t be afraid to talk about it. You might actually get over it and grow. 

– mkh